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Eve Miller, Patrice Wymore, Edgar Buchanan, John Archer

Director: Felix Feist
Running time: 89 mins Colour. 
Aspect Ratio: 4.3 (Academy)
Year of release: 1952

Kirk Douglas is at his dynamic best in this rousing and beautifully photographed action romp set against the giant redwood sequoias of picturesque Northern California


In 1900, the U.S. Government introduced a law that enabled every man - for a nominal sum - to lay claim to an apportioned section of land in California. Ruthless, smooth talking Jim Fallon (Kirk Douglas) takes his gang of lumberjacks to the redwood wilderness of Northern California with the intention of "legally " buying up as many sections of land as possible with the intention of cutting down the majestic giant redwood trees. An operation that will make him a millionaire. The land he has designs on belongs to a religious sect who plead with him not to strip the land of its natural resources. At first, he ignores them until the death of a friend and the love of a good woman (Eve Miller) make him change his mind. His oily partner, Frenchy (John Archer) likes the original idea better and joins forces with a bunch of unscrupulous opportunists. Jim leads the religious sect against Frenchy's villainous crowd and saves the trees from destruction.

DVD Features
1. Digitally restored from an original 35 mm release print.
2. Scene Access
3. Cast and Crew Profiles 
4. Production Background
5. Specially produced mini-documentary Kirk Douglas - The Big Movies

THE BIG TREES -The Laureate Edition :
Copyright: Laureate Presentations Ltd: 2001 inc. supplemental features
Music score: 1952 Warner Chappell
All rights reserved

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