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The Dead Zone               The Bounty

Sanctuary Digital Entertainment, distributors of the Laureate Collection recently commissioned Ken Barnes to produce Special De Luxe Editions of David Cronenberg’s film of Stephen King’s THE DEAD ZONE –starring Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen and Roger Donaldson’s film of THE BOUNTY starring Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins. While these DVDs are not officially part of the Laureate Collection, they have the benefit of Ken’s production expertise and broad knowledge of screen history and a full-scale no-expense-spared budget. Both are currently available – and doing well (see Reviews)

Says Ken of these two DVDs, “In the case of THE BOUNTY, I was fortunate in having the co-operation of director, Roger Donaldson, producer Bernie Williams and production designer, John Graysmark who gave us an absolutely enthralling audio commentary. In addition to this, we had further help from the film’s historical adviser, Stephen Walters, who gave us a second audio commentary on the history of the famous mutiny. All good stuff."
Available from Amazon The Bounty [1984]

"For THE DEAD ZONE, we were lucky to have the services of the respected critics and authors, Stephen Jones and Kim Newman (both experts on the works of Stephen King and David Cronenberg). Between them they recorded a most illuminating and, at times, amusing audio commentary."
Available from Amazon The Dead Zone [1983]

Both films are mastered anamorphically in their original theatrical aspect ratios and both are presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. Each movie is lavishly packaged with chunky booklets full of fascinating facts.

Sanctuary’s label manager, Andrew McIntosh – who has worked closely with Ken Barnes over the last year on the six Laureate titles to date – felt it was time to do Special Editions of these two classics from the 1980s and more such editions are being planned.


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