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 Unanimous acclaim for Universal’s
Laureate Presentation

What Video Widescreen International July 2003
Citizen Kane is a landmark in moviemaking history and this
DVD is an absolute must for fans. 5/5

Ultimate DVD: July 2003
Citizen Kane. A classic film on a terrific DVD
(David Miller)
Rating: Movie: ***** Extras *****

Sunday Times 22nd June 2003
The Middlemarch of motion pictures. This DVD has an informative
audio commentary, stills, a budget breakdown and a “making of” analysis
by our own Barry Norman. And why not?
( P.N.)
Rating *** (Outstanding)

The Guardian. 27 July,2003
Saddled ever since I can remember with the millstone “The greatest film ever
made” and picked over like the Kennedy assassination, Citizen Kane still comes up trumps. If you’ve seen it a few times and read about it, you will probably think there's nothing left to find out but I bet you won’t know as much as Ken Barnes, an unassuming English film historian who gives us one of the best commentaries I’ve ever heard.

..You may be coming to it for the first time, in which case I don’t see how you could fail to be impressed by the wit, economy and imagination on display and some of the most outrageous dissolves, montages and compositions ever pulled off.
(Rob Mackie)
Rating *****

The R-2 Project: June 2003
The newly restored 1.33:1 image is breathtaking thanks to the very best of restoration software, Citizen Kane now glows with a radiance befitting its stature. …You could get very bored waiting around for print damage to show up and sully the image….the levels of contrast are divine.

..The audio side is represented in a very pleasant fashion…everything sounds bold and natural with none of the horrible processing that usually greets a black and white movie after remastering.

There are a pleasing number of extras in this special edition – most are on the second disc – the audio commentary on disc one has film historian Ken Barnes speaking about the production, the life of Orson Welles and the groundbreaking nature of the movie. His warm Northern tones are a refreshing change from the rapid fire patter of many US film scholars…
(The Wilson Brothers )

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